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As we age, our bodily functions start to slow down and become less effective and this includes the delivery of hormones throughout your body. Having proper hormone balance and regular distribution helps in various aspects of your life including sexually with your libido and sexual performance. Pellet therapy is a new emerging bioidentical hormone replacement therapy delivery method that is gaining popularity with many physicians and their patients. 

Integrity Wellness is a Charlotte NC medical center that is well experienced with pellet therapy and its benefits. By being an experienced pellet therapy doctor in Charlotte NC, Dr. Reis is prepared to give you the treatment you deserve with confidence.


What is Pellet Therapy?

As the name suggests, pellet therapy uses small rice-sized ‘pellets’ that contain the natural hormones your body needs to be delivered throughout your body. By delivering hormones with this technique they can be dispersed intermittently to simulate how hormones would be naturally produced in your body giving you a steady and consistent dose. Other options such as creams, pills, or injections can come with negative side effects and discomfort with each cycle because of the irregular hormone supply cycle.

Usually placed in the upper hip area, this pellet will deliver hormones throughout the course of the next few months, which means fewer repeat appointments as compared to other treatments. Once a pellet is done its cycle it can easily be replaced by your physician every 3 to 4 months. 


Pellet Therapy for Your Sexual Performance

Testosterone is more associated with men but has benefits for both men and women, it’s just that women have a much lower need for it as opposed to men. It has been reported that mens testosterone levels start to decrease roughly 1 percent each year; so past middle age, this can have effects on various things including libido, sex drive, sexual performance, and so on. 

For some women, their lacking testosterone levels can be attributed to their bodies not naturally producing enough along with age-related reasons. This can have a similar effect to a mans lacking testosterone levels, causing reduced sex drive, libido, sexual performance, and so on. 


Pellet Therapy Benefits for Men

Pellet therapy can be effective for various areas of a man’s life, boosting his overall quality of life and sexual life. This ranges from enhanced drive and focus, boosted libido and sexual performance, stabilized moods, lowered overall fat mass, increased muscle mass, and more even reducing the risk of certain hormone-affected diseases.


Pellet Therapy Benefits for Women

Along with men pellet therapy helps to boost the various quality of life areas and their sexual life. The benefits can include improved focus and concentration, greater sex drive, stabilized moods, lowered fat mass, improved energy levels, reduced symptoms of menopause, and more.


Turn to a Leading Charlotte NC Medical Center for Pellet Therapy

Working with an experienced physician trained in hormone therapy is very important in receiving the right treatment fit for you and your needs. There is no “one fits all” with hormone treatments and various people have different levels of hormones due to different reasons so a comprehensive treatment and an expert that understands this area of health is very significant. 

Our team at Integrity Wellness Charlotte NC Medical Center is well equipped and experienced within the world of hormone treatments and diagnosis. We provide one on one consultations to identify your needs and work with you to fully customize your pellet therapy plan. To start towards a better quality of life and sexual experience, take the first step and contact us at our Charlotte NC medical center today for a better tomorrow!