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As part of a well-balanced lifestyle, maintaining good levels of health can be an important factor in achieving an optimal lifestyle. Effective diets are helpful, but some regimens are more effective at nutrition and weight loss in Charlotte, NC than others. Ideal Protein is one of them and its goal is to help train your body to consume only what it needs. In turn, you’ll have achieved significant weight loss gain and boosted levels of energy. 

At Integrity Wellness, we’ll guide you through the steps and benefits of Ideal Protein through our lifestyle and wellness coach, Darlene Konopasek. We’re a trusted nutrition therapy practice in Charlotte, NC that offers BHRT and health coaching for people who’d like to improve their lifestyle. We can help you determine if the Ideal Protein weight loss program is right for your health objectives. 


What is the Ideal Protein Diet? 

Ideal Protein is a strategic tailored program that replaces your daily carb intake with high biological protein and vegetables. It helps your body live off its own fat as an energy source and cut down carbohydrates to achieve weight loss. As we describe it, it’s a science-backed 3-phase structured protocol that is more about educating clients on healthier habits and better decision making than about losing weight.

The protocol is divided into THREE distinct phases of its duration: 

Phase One: Weight Loss

Reset Your Body

This is where you’ll work to reach 100% of your desired weight loss goal. You will also have to eat the special Ideal Protein breakfast, lunch, and snack, as well as a measured serving of protein with unlimited raw veggies to your liking.  Essential nutrients are provided through supplements, water and low-glycemic vegetables. 

You will be set up with the Ideal Protein app in which you can carefully monitor your food intake, as we advise you on your eating plans for the duration of the Phases.

Phase Two: Stabilization

Reset Your Mind

When you’ve reached your initial weight loss goal, much of your eating habits will be similar to Phase One. The difference now is that you can eat a lunch centred on whole foods as Phase 2 will generally last around two weeks. You’ll have to swap your Ideal Protein food for whole foods at breakfast. From here, your meals should consist of a protein, carb, and fat option, as well as a piece of fruit. 

Healthy fats and complex carbs will slowly be reintroduced to your body, assessing the tolerance each week to effectively manage hunger and maintain weight loss. Phase 2 will expand your selection of protein choices as we carefully examine your body’s changes.

Phase Three: Maintenance

The Reset Possible

The last phase of the Ideal Protein weight loss diet will last you around 12 months. Here, we teach you how to keep excess weight off while giving you more dietary flexibility. The key here is to limit your carb intake, outside of breakfast, and eat protein-packed food half your body weight. 

Overall, when you choose our Ideal Protein program, you’ll be given your own personal coach to help motivate you and guide you through the process; Ideal Protein food will also be purchased before each session. You’ll meet with them every week for education, support, measurements, general advice, and recipe tips among others. 


What Are the Benefits of Ideal Protein? 

A big benefit of the Ideal Protein diet is that it can help you lose weight and keep it off. It’s important to stress that we promote the education of what you can eat and how much of it you can eat to help you maintain your weight. For example, dieters can eat eggs and lean meats such as chicken, beef, and fish for their meals. A typical diet can consist of 6 ounces of lean protein, 4 cups of select vegetables, and 3 Ideal Protein foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. You will reintroduce many of the foods you love, with moderation and guidance.

Ideal Protein allows your body to burn its own fat through nutritional ketosis. Afterwards, men can expect to lose between three to five pounds a week and females between two to three pounds per week. It’s also pretty easy and convenient for people to commit to, especially if they have busy lives. You will continue to have ongoing support as we answer any questions you may have after the Ideal Protein Protocol has ended.


Is Ideal Protein Covered By My Insurance?

Ideal Protein may not be fully covered by your insurance and costs can depend on the price of the foods and initial consultation. We recognize that everyone has their own circumstances and will do our best to assist and accommodate our clients. 


Can I Start Ideal Protein At Any Age?

While Ideal Protein is best practiced by adults over the age of majority, it can also be used by youth above the age of 12. They’ll have to require a physician’s release and recommendation before they can participate and can safely consume Ideal Protein products as part of their diets. 

Give your body what it deserves and explore your Ideal Protein options with Darlene Konopasek.

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