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Science-backed nutrition seldom goes wrong.  Integrity Wellness operates as a hormone replacement therapy center and nutrition therapy practice Charlotte NC. Because we care about your health, we’ve partnered with Ideal Protein to help you manage your weight the right way. 

Ideal Protein offers a result-driven and science-backed weight loss program meticulously designed for long and enduring results. 


How does the Ideal Protein program work?

Ideal protein uses a 3-phase structured protocol which is carefully designed to help your body burn fat and achieve desired weight loss goals. First phase being the weight loss in which Ideal Protein resets the body by restricting intake of carbohydrates in the diet through a ketosis where the body deploys stored fat as the core energy source. 

In the second phase of stabilization, when the body is in a complete weight loss mode and stabilization is required to fill the energy gap, manage hunger and maintain weight loss when the body requires more calories than required. This is where monitoring and follow-up sessions are much required.

Now comes the third and final phase of maintenance. Here, you are provided with enough education and support all through the year after stabilization and two semi-annual “tune-ups” are recommended to achieve a full completion of weight loss journey. 


Benefits of the Program

Several benefits that make this program a huge success are:

  • Assured and Effective Weight Loss
  • Effortless and Convenient Diet and Meal Prep
  • Highly Qualified and Licenced Professional Support 
  • Improved Blood Sugar Control
  • Reduced Heart Disease Risk


Turn to Weight Loss Professionals

Meet Darlene Konopasek, your Lifestyle and Weight Loss Coach at Integrity Wellness. She is an expert at providing one-on-one consultations to her clients and helping them at every step of their weight loss journey. She has successfully completed Ideal Protein Intensive Coach Training Academy and provides knowledge and resources related to meal preparation, recipes and the much-needed motivation to help you achieve your healthy body goals.

She is also a great counsellor and teacher at a parish school. After completing her Master’s Degree in Education she got really passionate about guiding and helping others with their weight loss as she has first hand experienced the challenges involved throughout the weight loss program. 

From the last two years, Darlene has been working as an Ideal Protein coach for Integrity Wellness. 


Why Choose Integrity Wellness?

The licenced and experienced team of wellness therapists and coaches at Integrity Wellness help you in achieving your ideal wellness and health goals at any age. Specializing in robust technology and cutting edge treatments, Integrity Wellness offers the latest therapies in anti-aging treatments, pellet therapy, structured weight loss program suited to your body type and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

Experience the dedicated and unparalleled care and discover what it feels like to achieve your body goals, youthful energy, increased vitality and improved overall health. 

Ready to take the first step? Call us today and book your appointment to connect with one of our experienced and highly qualified coaches. You can also enjoy the benefit of a free educational seminar about Ideal Protein method to achieve your weight loss goals. 


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