Revitalize your body, mind, and spirit with the Dare to Detox plan!

Looking to kick off your summer feeling your best, but not sure where to start? Sometimes, all it takes is a medical body detoxification program that works with your body to help you improve your energy levels, help you eliminate unhealthy eating habits and minimize the effects of aging. Whether you’re 39 or 93, you deserve to feel your best at any age.

Our body detoxification program in Charlotte NC can help you revive your lost energy and help your body get rid of toxins in a controlled manner. You might have a few different reasons you have contemplated a detoxification program; you might want to de-bloat, or you might want to jumpstart a longer-term weight loss program, or you have had frequent gastrointestinal problems that you want gone. The success of your health will be a sustainable detox program that is medically engineered to fit the exact customization of your body through the supervision of Dr. Reis, anti-aging doctor and your guru to get you back on track!

Dare to Detox is your step-by-step guide to a healthier lifestyle

We’re here to support your long-term health goals – start with our effective 14-day detox program from NuMedica. Along with a clean diet, you consume an antioxidant-rich shake every day and take a detox supplement called Dual-Tox DPO. With this program, there is no limitation on how much you eat, so you will not be hungry!

During your detox, you will be eating clean, healthy meats, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. This is not a calorie-restrictive program, so you can snack if you get hungry. However, you will not be eating wheat, dairy, baked goods, sweets, or alcohol. Once you are eating healthy, whole foods, and getting enough fiber in your diet, you will not crave sweets or junk food as much. Your energy will be more stable and you will find it easier to eat in a way that enhances weight loss.

Get your energy back safely!

Not all toxins are created equal, or even well defined for that matter. Too much of anything can be toxic, even things that we consider healthy like vitamins and minerals. However, true toxins are dangerous even at their lowest doses when they enter the body – like environmental pollutants and food-borne pathogens.

As an experienced anti-aging doctor, Dr. Reis can discuss with you the gentle yet extremely effective detoxification programs we offer to help you revive your energy. So how do you know if your body needs professional detoxification to cleanse? Here are just a few things to be aware of:

• Any unusual menstrual pain and problems
• Irritated skin
• Puffy eyes and bags under the eyes
• Mental confusion and brain fog
• Bloating
• Feeling sluggish and on-set unexplained fatigue

What happens to your body when you detox?

The miracle of our body is that it’s very capable of eliminating harmful substances all on its own, especially our superstar – the liver. Your liver works 24-hours a day, 365 days a week to ensure that your body eliminates any harmful toxins and keeps you healthy. The liver has three main functions: producing enzymes, storing nutrients, and processing various bodily functions.

In a healthy liver, detoxification happens naturally. When the liver is overloaded with toxins, it can lead to poor liver function over time, and increase your chances of chronic diseases. Detoxifying your body can assist your liver in helping it function at its optimal level as you get older and accelerates the body’s natural cleansing process through:

• Stimulating the liver to drive toxins away from the body,
• Promoting elimination of toxins through the kidney, skin, and intestines,
• Refueling the body with healthy nutrients,
• Improving blood circulation,
• Resting the organs through fasting.

How can you cleanse your body naturally?

Perhaps it will be not drinking alcohol during the week, not drinking sweet tea, or not eating chips for lunch. Whatever it is for you, be mindful of your eating and take control of what goes in your mouth. You are what you eat, and your choices have powerful consequences for your health. There are a few things you can continually do in order to improve your well-being and help you lose the excess weight you had been hoping for. These modifications can be as simple as:

• Reducing your consumption of alcohol
• Drinking two to three liters of water a day
• Get plenty of sleep and reduce your screen time before heading to bed
• Increase your cardio levels – whether that is walking 30 minutes a day or playing with your dogs multiple times a day. When your body can naturally get rid of excess calories, you will • experience a higher level of lean muscle mass.
• Decrease your intake of added sugars, trans fats, sugars that you ingest from sugary drinks, and any empty calories

Dare to Detox goes beyond nutrition and supplements, however. Stress, sleep and emotions are very important to overall health, so be prepared to get motivated to detox all aspects of your life!