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Pharmaceutical grade Supplements

Dr. Reis believes that it is essential that our bodies have all the nutrients our cells need to function optimally. However, many of us do not get enough nutrients in our food. Even organically grown plant foods often are deficient in nutrients due to mineral deficiencies or toxins in the soil they grow in. Furthermore, we often have a degree of gut inflammation that impairs our body’s ability to absorb the nutrients in the foods we eat.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary

With Fullscript, you can shop by brand or by ingredient. Shipping and handling are free for all orders over $50! You also can set up an auto-ship program if you like that convenience.

Most of us need some supplements to ensure optimal levels of nutrients in our cells. Fullscript is our recommended source for supplements. Many professional, pharmaceutical grade supplements are available for purchase on Fullscript. These brands, such as OrthoMolecular Products, Designs for Health, Metagenics and others are only allowed to be sold under the supervision of a licensed healthcare provider. With Dr. Reis’s invitation to Fullscript, you have access to these brands.


Fullscript offers all the brands you know, and provides high quality products, unlike some other online sources. Some of the other websites draw from stock that has been in a warehouse for months or years and sometimes is not fresh. Some online websites are actually selling products that are mislabeled or something completely different! We have many supplements for sale in the office, but if you are going to order your pharmaceutical grade supplements online, use Fullscript!

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