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Our membership program is designed to make your medical care easier to budget and plan for. In a traditional fee-for-service practice, you may have significant medical expenses every few months when you are seen by the physician, with additional administrative fees for miscellaneous services. Our monthly fee is designed to match the average amount spent on physician visits, lab fees, and other administrative fees, but as a predictable, budget-friendly monthly amount.


The membership program is $175/month. You may also set up quarterly payments of $500, if you prefer.


What’s included?

  • Visits with Dr. Reis, whether in the office, by phone, or by video, 3-5 per year as needed
  • Basic hormone lab tests, which include estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone for women; and testosterone, estrogen, blood count, and PSA for men


Beyond physician visits and hormone labs, there are many other benefits of membership:


  1. Secure messaging with Dr. Reis and staff members through our new Patient Portal. Send HIPAA-compliant messages to us and we will respond within one to two working days. Convenient and efficient!
  2. Patient Portal to access your medical records, change your preferred pharmacy, and update your contact information.
  3. Significant discounts on mail-order compounded medications through partner pharmacies (up to 35% off retail prices)
  4. Electronic prescribing to both commercial and compounding pharmacies
  5. Free shipping of supplements ordered from office stock (1 shipment/month)
  6. Free in-house phlebotomy
  7. Deeply discounted cash labs through Quest
  8. Discounts on additional specialty hormone lab testing
  9. 10% off all supplements purchased online at Fullscript
  10. Prescription management: refills, prior authorization, and problem-solving with pharmacies
  11. Email and text reminders of your upcoming appointments
  12. Ideal Protein weight loss coaching (after initial weight loss consultation)
  13. Telemedicine (video visits), for those in NC and SC
  14. Form completion and letters of medical necessity (HSA, insurance forms, etc.)


What’s not included?

  • Pellet therapy, which is a flat price of $385/insertion for women and $545/insertion for men
  • Supplements
  • Prescriptions
  • Additional testing such as thyroid, Vitamin D, cholesterol, etc.
  • Specialty testing such as food sensitivity testing or urine toxin testing


Do I have to enroll?

Yes, all patients of Integrity Wellness MD need to enroll.

When will my card get charged?

Your card will be charged on the 5th of every month.

How do I join?

Just send us a message on the Patient Portal or give us a call. We will send you a text with a link to enter your credit card details. We will also ask you to sign an electronic form on the Portal acknowledging the terms.

How secure is my credit card?

Very. It is stored on a server that is fully PCI compliant, not in our computer system at all. We cannot even see the full card information…only the last 4 digits.

What if I need to change my credit card on file?

Just send us a Portal message or give us a call. We will send you a new link to update your information.

Can I still submit to insurance?

No. Unfortunately, with a monthly membership fee, there is no CPT code approved for this type of service. Thus, we are no longer able to provide receipts for insurance reimbursement.

Can I still use my HSA?

Please consult your HSA for further information.

What if my card is declined?

We get it, this sometimes happens! We will call you to clarify and ensure we have valid card information. If your card continues to be declined, and we do not get updated information from you by the 15th of the month, your membership will become inactive. If your membership is inactive, any non-urgent care will be delayed or unavailable until your membership becomes active again.

What if I want to cancel?

We will miss you, but no problem! Just send us written notice. A letter, a Portal message or a fax (704-886-1883) will suffice, and we will make your membership inactive. We will thereafter provide only urgent care related to your condition for 30 days and will be happy to send your records to your physician.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no refunds will be possible.

What if I have questions?

Let us know and one of us will be happy to help you!

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    We reply to all requests promptly, alternatively you can also call us (704) 220-1770 or fax (704) 886-1883.