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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Charlotte

While the process of aging is a beautiful time in an individual’s life, it can also add an element of unexpected hormonal disruptions that result from menopausal and andropausal hormonal imbalances. 

Women, especially, often report irritability or anxiety during menopause that can make them feel like it’s difficult to control their emotions and mood swings. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) in Charlotte, NC wants to help you combat mood swings and help you deal with the emotional rollercoaster that can sometimes be felt as we get older. Getting older is a privilege, and just because you don’t feel like yourself all the time, does not mean that you have to disregard your wellbeing and confidence.

BHRT treatment and pellet therapy in Charlotte, NC can stabilize your hormones as they reduce throughout your lifetime, and further teach you how to lead an active lifestyle with nutritional therapy and health coaching.

You may be struggling more with your emotions, but when more negative moods seem to arise during menopause and andropause, it can be directly correlated to hormonal deficiencies. Let’s take a look at how balancing your hormones can regulate your mood swings and help you embrace your hormonal circumstances without any regrets.


Low progesterone and testosterone level effects on the body

Women are more likely to experience imbalances in estrogen and progesterone as they age, while men experience lower testosterone levels. While both women and men can experience neurohormone imbalances including insulin, which balances the blood sugar, and cortisol, which manages stress, the lack of hormones can cause ongoing lifestyle changes and drastic mood swings.

When your hormones are balanced, you seem to be more relaxed and vibrant, while a lack of hormones can make you feel uneasy and agitated. You may experience symptoms that influence the way you think and act that is unusual for your persona. While there are various reasons for mood swings including your diet, your lifestyle, and your stress levels, hormonal imbalances are a significant factor in your mood swings. 

Here are some common symptoms of low progesterone and testosterone in the body:

  • Disruptions in sleeping patterns
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Decreased motivation
  • Decreased libido 
  • Decreased sexual arousal
  • Bone loss

Dr. Reis is trained in optimizing your hormone levels through a variety of different treatments including BHRT, nutrition and weight loss, detoxification, and pellet therapy. In some cases, hormonal imbalances can result in impaired memory and brain fog that can increase as you age. 


How BHRT treatments combat low hormone levels

The first step is to understand where the mood swings are rooted.

Estrogen and serotonin are the hormones responsible for your mood regulation, and when you have insufficient levels in your body, mood swings arise. The lack of impulse control makes it difficult to pay attention to the direct emotions you are facing, and they can further result in insomnia, hot flashes, short attention spans, and irritability. Not to worry, BHRT is a safe and effective treatment in balancing your hormonal levels and helping you calm down when you find yourself at the edge of every mood on the spectrum.

BHRT treatments are compounded hormones that mirror your body’s natural hormones to fit your exact needs. When you book your consultation, you have your hormone levels checked and we will design an exact plan for you with the correct hormone dosage required.


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