Choosing the best foods for your body with a nutrition and weight loss coach right by your side!

Should you have pasta? Broccoli? Avocado? Can you still eat ice cream? With the number of foods so accessible to us, it’s challenging to determine which foods (and how much of them) are best for our health journey! Weight loss programs aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach; they take discussions, medical histories, mental capabilities, and support – Good thing our nutrition and weight loss coaches are here to help!

At Integrity Wellness, our qualified health coaches in Charlotte NC are trained to assist any individual with a weight loss goal while keeping your health and mental wellness a top priority. Today, we will walk you through the importance and benefits of nutrition-based weight loss and how a health coach can best help you!

Ready? It’s time to thrive!

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What can a certified nutrition coach help you with?

Generally, a nutrition coach is here to compile certain foods that are able to help you reach an effective healthy diet. Specifically, they can also help reduce risks of chronic illnesses, reach a healthier weight, as well as provide emotional support and encouragement to keep you motivated! Here are some additional benefits that a certified nutrition coach can help with:

  • Personalized nutrition
  • Progress monitoring
  • Reshaped, positive mindset in health goals
  • Calculate caloric needs
  • Teach healthy portion sizes

Compiling your own diet plan can be unsafe using online sources, as an optimized diet varies amongst every individual. By regularly implementing progress monitoring with how your body is reacting to the customized meal plan, they can make changes accordingly that is the best fit for you. We know maintaining health goals takes a lot of perseverance and dedication, so your coach will be there every step of the way throughout your health journey!

How does nutrition affect your gut health?

Certainly, nutrition can affect our body as a whole, but how does it specifically affect our gut health? There are millions of neurons that connect with your gut and influence emotions and mood, which means that having a strong nutrition plan can be interrelated with your physical and mental wellness! You can start by integrating more fiber-rich foods, like fruits and vegetables, while slowly building on fermented foods, like kimchi or sauerkraut, to heavily take in their gut-friendly benefits.

Here are some other high-nutrition foods that improve gut health:

  • Almonds
  • Kombucha
  • Olive oil
  • Bananas, not quite ripe
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Garlic
  • Ginger

Like always, in-depth, customized diet plans may be hard to come across through a few Google searches, so asking a certified nutritionist may be your best option! Our nutrition and weight loss coaches can help set up a consultation to ask personal questions in regards to setting up a diet plan. They will put their full attention and support into building you your personalized nutrition meals!

Want to reach your health goals safely? Start with a nutrition and weight loss coach!

Reaching your health goals safely can heavily improve both your physical and mental well-being, from consuming the right nutrition-filled foods to enhancing your overall mood on a day-to-day basis! Though it may sound easy to implement, the wide variety of foods and the meal preparations can make it overwhelming to integrate into your diet safely – but don’t worry.

At Integrity Wellness, we know what it takes to carefully create a nutrition plan that will bring your health journey to where it needs to be in order to see and feel the change. Our coaches are highly trained and experienced. They will adjust your intake accordingly, recommend other alternatives to enhance your weight loss journey, and help you as an individual love yourself in every healthy way possible.

We’d love to meet you. It’s time to thrive!